We Foster Education

Muslim Youth Ireland (MYI) is a national youth organisation with the vision of becoming the voice of Muslim youth in Ireland. We strive to provide a holistic Islamic atmosphere where lifelong bonds of brotherhood/sisterhood are forged and maintained.
In addition, MYI aims to instill in the youth Islamic principles and teachings, which will manifest in the future as they start to contribute to their wider community and society.

We Pursue Excellence

We have big goals for MYI, and we are fully invested in putting in the work to achieve them.
We envision the youth to become future community leaders and positive contributors to Irish society. We believe in the importance of knowing, understanding, and fulfilling our individual and collective obligations as Muslims.

We Practice Honesty

A very important principle in MYI is honesty and transparency, and that is something we try to ensure is practiced by all our members. Honesty is a critical value in Islam and it is one we aspire to have and inspire others to practice too.

We Create Fun

And of course, what would MYI be without our fun camps, dinners and activities throughout the year! With our new Youth Club (located in Apollo Business Park on Dundrum Road), we have an outlet for the youth to play table tennis, billiards and more!


Alsalamu alaikom! My name is Bara Ayadi and I am the current MYI president. My job is to ensure the smooth running of MYI and work on making it even better. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please email [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Vice President (Development) – Brothers
Salam! My name is Farhad Patel and I am the current VP (development) of MYI. My job is to serve as the brothers youth development coordinator and plan activities and programs for them.

Vice President (Regions) – Brothers
Salam, my name is Fatih Elsayed and I am the current VP (regions) of MYI. My job is to serve as the brothers regional expansions coordinator and try and reach out to as most people as possible.

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, or wish to donate or get in touch with any of the committee members, email them at [email protected]

Bara Ayadi


Farhad Patel

Vice President (Development)

Fatih Elsayed

Vice President (Regions)


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