5 things to do to enjoy a Great Summer!

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By: Moyser

Here we are, the time of the year where school is out, people sleep in and it seems like there’s always nothing to do.

Tired of the summer already? Ran out of episodes to binge on? Nowhere exciting to go? Sounds like you, along with everyone else who’s bored of the summer holiday already need a spur to the boring routine.

Here is a list of 5 random things that will help break the boring pattern of the endless summer days.

1- Scavenger Hunt

Get a group of friends. Come up with a scavenger plan at park nearby. It can be anything from a simple idea to pulling pranks on each other. All you need is a

  • A group of friends (4-5 ppl)
  • A master idea, i.e. what you want your friends to find or what the end goal is
  • A location – a park, beach side or even town…
  • Paper, for your clues at each checkpoint
  • Ice cream! – to enjoy at the end of the hunt, because why not?!

2- Build something

Gone are the days where people actually make things with their hands. There must be something wrong with looking a a screen most hours of the day and night. Why not take a break from that and build something with your hands…it could be anything, here are some ideas:

  • Build a bike or something that moves on wheels
  • Build something that flies or hovers
  • Build a miniature monument or city

If you don’t know how or what to build, there’s a ton of ideas online/YouTube of ‘how to…’s. And there’s so much you can do from everyday materials you can find at home!

3- Develop a skill

Summer is the best time to do that. When else would you have this much free time? Give yourself two or three weeks to get into a particular skill.

  • Paint
  • Read – yes, there’s a skill to that too! Ever heard of Speed Reading?
  • Acrobatics
  • Design online

There’s a lot you can do, it’s not inclusive to this list…think of something you’ve always wanted to do, or think would be useful when you’re 40 years old. Lookup what people do to get good at it and insha’Allah… soon enough you’ll be skillful at your chosen forte.

4- Volunteer at a local community charity or NGO

There’s nothing that feels more rewarding than giving back. It will make your summer feel more worthwhile. Find out what local community projects there are close to you and sign up to help out!

5- A Personalized Qur’an Project

Doesn’t sound very exciting, especially if you’re the type who had to spend all year practicing or memorizing parts of it. But something people often neglect is developing a relationship with the Qur’an. Take time out your summer to actually understand and deeply reflect on some chapters or verses in the Qur’an.

Surat Al-fatiha is a great place to start. So many scholars have written books and volumes on the benefits and meanings of this Surah.

Make a goal for yourself this summer, to sit down, read, memorize and deeply reflect on an aspect of the Quran. Give yourself a week or two to do it, and at the end….treat yourself with ice cream!

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